Going to the movies, a lot

Two exciting things happened in my life recently: I went down to four days a week at work, and I got an unlimited cinema pass.

So this means I have been going to the movies a lot.

Before I got the pass, I would probably go to the cinema every other month. Cinema tickets are expensive. But since getting the pass at the start of February, I have seen:

  • 1917
  • Parasite
  • Birds of Prey and the excessively long title, yada yada yada
  • Emma
  • Jojo Rabbit
  • The Lighthouse
  • Dark Waters

I’ve been to most of these alone, in the middle of the day. Usually there are only a few other people in there, often also by themselves – although Dark Waters had an elderly couple giggling and sharing Greggs sausage rolls (goals). There is a nice sense of silent companionship, like we’re all sitting quietly in the same sermon.

Maybe we’ll start to recognise each other after a while. Maybe I’ll make friends – I did have a chat about The Lighthouse in the loos with another movie-goer. Although she thought it was rubbish, so let Neptune strike her down, etc etc.

Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse, screaming

Going to the cinema also has the surprising effect of calming my jittery brain.

When I watch a film at home, I find it very easy to get distracted. I can mess around on my phone without the fear of someone else tutting at me. I can go make myself an overly elaborate snack and forget what was happening in the plot. I can decide that films are too long to bother with and just watch YouTube instead.

But when I’m at the movies, it’s just me in a dark room, surrounded by a film. Only one thing to focus on.

Also, if I go to the cinema, I have to leave my house and make myself look vaguely presentable to the outside world. Both of these are good things to do.

I’m not really sure what the point of this post was. I just wanted to say that I like going to the movies, and I’m glad I got this pass.

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