What’s cheering me up right now

Oh yeah, I have a blog. As you might have guessed from my drop in posting, the last few months have not been so great. A lot of shitty things have been going on and unfortunately that currently shows no signs of stopping.

But I don’t really want to write about any of that right now, and one of the reasons I started this blog was to have a space to just geek out about stuff I’m enjoying, so let’s talk about some of that instead.

Pokémon Go

Yes, I am back into this. If I’m gonna relive 2016, might as well enjoy the good parts too.

I started playing Pokémon Go again because of this video, and frankly if Simone from Polygon told me that repeatedly poking myself in the eye with a stick was an enjoyable way to pass the time, I would try it:

She was right though – Pokémon Go is fun (I haven’t tried the eye thing). There are more things to do. It’s also coincided nicely with one of my recent goals, which is to go outside every day. Hatching eggs and checking into gyms is actually a pretty good motivator, even when it’s cold and wet.

I used to avoid the outdoors as much as possible during the winter months. Now I will intentionally abandon my preferred conditions (warm, dry, ideally in a duvet burrito) in favour of standing in the rain next to what Niantic has deemed a significant flowerbed, swiping frantically at my phone and muttering expletives at ultimategamerjason420.

Kate Atkinson novels

I read Transcription a few months ago on the recommendation of my grandmother, and now I can’t get enough.

Life After Life is amazing and I still think about it all the time. It’s a combination of two things I love – historical family sagas and time loops – but have never before seen combined. Behind the Scenes at the Museum was really good too.

Lifting weights

I used to do this (again in 2016) and really enjoyed it, but fell out of the routine. Finally I found a new gym that actually has deadlifting platforms, squat racks and – most importantly – no queues. So I have been lifting again for a few weeks and I really like it.

There is something really satisfying about the simple challenge of just picking up heavy stuff. My numbers are still pretty low currently, but I am looking forward to seeing them creep back up. Plus the gym’s playlist has helped me discover lots of new songs about butts.

Cosy YouTube nonsense

Remember my internet detox post from September? I stuck with my limits on Twitter and news websites, but YouTube was harder to shake. And I have decided that I am OK with this.

During September, it became clearer to me that spending lots of time screwing around on the internet is probably a result of crappy mental health, not the cause of it. What helped me wasn’t instituting random rules that I felt bad about breaking, but actually being nice to myself and valuing my downtime, however I choose to spend it.

Sometimes I just really need a potato day where I do nothing but watch apartment tours (“I live in a studio with my boyfriend Tyler, our rescue cat, 56,241 pothos plants and this banner that says ‘good vibes only'”). Maybe it’s not as virtuous as exercise or watching an art film, but I find it soothing, and it doesn’t actually make sense to deprive myself of that.

Also, it inspired me to spruce up my own flat a bit, and now I have a nice new reading corner and that metal moon banner that I saw in loads of apartment tours. And this made me happy. So overall, I’m considering a win.


Because it turns out some things cannot be fixed just by drinking more water and doing internet-approved wellness challenges. Oh boy. I am grateful for these.

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