Friday ramble: Zelda, conferences and reality TV

Did I write this earlier and then forget to post it before midnight? Okay, yes. But let’s pretend it’s still Friday.

Summer is here! Except it’s the English summer, which is terrible. I’m getting reacquainted with all my favourite snuggly jumpers.

Back on my bullshit

I love this phrase, and in a lot of ways, this has been a good summary of my week. Last week’s wholesome early mornings of yoga have been replaced with lying in bed until the absolute last possible minute. I’ve been slacking off on cooking in favour of eating out, or just shoving bread in my face. Basically, it’s chilly, it’s wet, it’s dark, I have a cold, and I just want to enter potato mode. And you know what? This is fine. Some weeks are wholesome, but they don’t all have to be.

I’m also totally back into Love Island. I briefly entertained the idea of not watching this year, since it’s a massive timesuck with questionable ethics, but I quickly gave in and now I’m obsessed again. It is what it is. (Hit me up if you want to talk about Maura!!!!!)

I went to a conference

The main thing I did this week was go to the Lead Dev conference in London. This was a good conference with some really interesting talks, and I’d definitely recommend it again next year.

One thing I’d really like to shout about is the conference’s inclusivity. Most tech conferences these days will have a code of conduct and at least one mention of diversity. But it felt like the organisers had really put a lot of thought into how to make the conference as welcoming to different people as possible. There was live captioning for all the talks, and badge stickers for pronouns and whether or not you wanted strangers to start talking to you. I’ve also never been to a conference that offered free childcare before, and the parents I work with were really excited about that.

There were also different lanyards for anyone who didn’t want to appear in event photos. I opted for one of these because I just don’t like being randomly photographed, but some people have important personal safety reasons for not wanting this, and I’m glad the organisers thought about it, and asked other attendees to respect it as well. All of this was great and I wish more conferences would do it.

It was also good to break out of my routine and see some of the folks I know in London. I had some really fun evenings catching up with some awesome people (and some tasty food).

The low point for me was probably the wasteful sponsor merch. I habitually grabbed the swag-stuffed tote bag as I entered, but later wished I hadn’t. I understand that sponsors want to promote themselves, but there have got to be more sustainable ways than producing over a thousand branded beachballs that are just going to end up in the bin. I’ve resolved to be more conscious of this for the next conference I go to.

Zelda geek zone

A few weeks ago I restarted The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch. I started playing BotW back when it was released, but hit it a little too hard and burned myself out. Then I left it alone for a few weeks, and weeks become months, and suddenly I hadn’t played it for over a year and had no idea what was going on. So, restart, and I’m back in love with it.

Breath of the Wild is a lovely game to just putter around in, and I’m usually scorning the main quest in favour of cultivating hobbies – cookery, paragliding, wildlife photography. Link is a well-rounded boy.

I also had a lot of fun playing it while travelling, although using the gyroscope to aim can be a little fraught when the train is bombing along towards Didcot Parkway. My jittery wrists can’t take it.

And we got some exciting Zelda news from E3 this week, with Breath of the Wild getting a direct sequel! I’m pretty excited for this, as it looks like it’ll be the Majora’s Mask to BotW‘s Ocarina of Time, and so maybe a little bit darker and weirder. But hopefully not quite as sad as Majora’s Mask, which intentionally made it impossible for you to help everyone. Realistic, maybe. But it definitely made saving the world bittersweet.

That’s all

The plan for this weekend is playing a lot of Zelda, and not much else. Maybe watching Always Be My Maybe. Long live potato mode.

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