Friday ramble: mornings, oats and writing about music

Remember last Friday, when I said I was looking forward to watching the football? That was crap, wasn’t it? What a letdown. At least the sheer level of dullness makes it easy to forget.

Attempting to be a morning person

I’ve been waking up early for the past fortnight, around 6:30am or so. This started because I had a day where I wanted to get to work early. But I discovered I find it pretty easy to wake up early as long as the sun has beat me to it, so I’ve stuck with it, even on weekends. (You will not catch me doing this in the dead of winter.)

The other thing that helps is doing something just after I get up that’s not part of my pre-work grind. I find it a lot easier to get up if I’m planning to sit with a mug of tea and a book, or do a short routine from Yoga With Adriene.

I haven’t been leaping straight out of bed as I’m still trying to break that habit of spending my first 20-45 minutes of consciousness scrolling through /r/AmItheAsshole. I ended up switching on parental controls for my phone and blocking Reddit entirely. We’ll see if it sticks.

Speaking of morning routines…

This video was so much better and so much worse than I expected:

Let me bore you about porridge for a minute

99% of my homemade breakfasts are now oat-based: porridge if I’m at home, or overnight oats if I need something to bring to the office. I’ve been through a lot of favourite topping combinations – first cinnamon and raisins, then banana and peanut butter.

But now I have discovered the best porridge: Bakewell tart porridge. Just stir in some frozen cherries, toast some flaked almonds and drizzle on a bit of maple syrup. I also started adding hemp seeds for the nutrition, but found the texture reminds me a bit of a crumble topping, which is a nice bonus.

Now I really want some porridge. Honestly I would probably eat breakfast food for every meal if I wasn’t usually cooking for someone else and felt like I had to maintain a veneer of normality. Anyway, tell me your favourite porridge toppings. (Look at me, soliciting engagement!)

Booksmart is good

I went to go see Booksmart this week. The film is about two over-achieving teenage girls (Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever) who realise partying hasn’t stopped their classmates from being just as academically successful, and set out to make up for lost time. It’s a fun movie, although flawed – some of the characters are baffling, and I really could have done without that conclusion to the Miss Fine storyline.

That said, I loved both of the leads and their intense friendship. Both of them felt like girls I could have gone to high school with. I think Amy and I would have been friends, although I definitely knew a lot of Mollys and found their drive kind of terrifying. (Like her, I’m pretty sure they have all now moved to DC in pursuit of their very detailed life plans.) Also Kaitlyn Dever’s been consistently great for years in things like Justified and Short Term 12, so I’m happy to see her getting lead roles.

Weyes Blood is great

The soundtrack to my week has been Titantic Rising by Weyes Blood. I don’t think it’s controversial to say this album is very, very good – it’s currently rocking a 91% on Metacritic – but damn, it’s good. Natalie Mering’s voice is just gorgeous and makes me spend a lot of time gazing wistfully into the middle distance (admittedly not great for productivity).

If I did a “Favourite albums of 2019 so far” post, this would definitely be in it.

But I’m not sure I will. For some reason, music is one of the things I’m least confident writing about. I feel like I struggle to summon any level of insight beyond the average enthusiastic YouTube comment (“YESSSSSS THIS SLAPS 🔥🔥🔥”). Writing about books is a lot less stressful, but I also spent a solid three years at uni doing nothing but writing about books (OK, that and marathoning Buffy the Vampire Slayer in bed while hungover) so maybe I just need to do that again.

That’s all

Have a good Friday, and enjoy the weekend!

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